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Name:Arwen Meztli Gadner
Birthdate:Nov 26
♔ ore no imouto
I’m a rather shy, kind of a loner, video gamer and manga addicted 27 year old Latin-American girl, while it takes me a bit to warm up, once I do I'm relatively nice to hang around with and I'm quite a compressive and understanding person, called an advise giver by most of my friends and having a bit of a mother hen complex with some of them. Being a bit of a loner by nature, I tend to like my solicitude and take times for myself. I'm currently studying and majoring in Psychology, with my zodiac sign being Sagittarius while my Chinese zodiac is the Tiger, I spend most of my free time reading, writing, tending to my pets, chilling with my friends, baking, struggling to meet deadlines in writing communities, etc.

Also a bit into the fandom world and I have quite the interesting tastes when it comes to fandoms and ships, I'm kind of half-half and I tend to go with canon and crack pairings.
Fandoms info: Final Fantasy, Bleach, Naruto, Fushigi Yuugi, G00, Saint Seiya, xxxHolic, Kaleido Star, APH, Crossovers, crack pairings, KH, Kuroshitsuji, Candy Candy, Winx Club, Walking Dead, Supernatural, Thor (movieverse) selective yaoi and incest, etc.


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